Infrastructure design and technology management solution
  • Overview
    DW Mantra is expert in data warehouse/business intelligence solutions. We provide customized business solutions for better information to make smarter tactical and strategical decisions. Our speciality is in delivering cost effective projects on right time which maximize client's ROI. We turn data into wisdom and deliver it to the enterprise. It all starts with you.
    Mantra "Simplify your life - Keep It Simple for Success!"
  • Vision
    Platform for the data warehouse community (practitioners and stake holders) to share their real experiences. Learn all the mantra's for next generation Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions. Technical and functions roles in data warehouse building and successfully running. Mantra to guide you to achieve data warehouse nirvana ! Not just talk, walk to attain the high goals in challenging environments. We hope you find information & resources valuable for your DW/BI solutions.

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